Teachers National Meeting on Operational Research


Improving School on Operational Research

May 29-31, 2017
Córdoba, Argentina


The Teachers National Meeting on Operational Research (ENDIO in Spanish) and the Improving School on Operational Research (EPIO in Spanish) congregate teachers, investigators, undergrads and graduate students from diverse university degrees and therefore with different and diverse profiles. Engineers from different specialities, Accountants and Business Administrators, Mathematicians, Systems Analysts, are the majority of the attendees. Most of them work on courses like Operational Research, Quantitative Methods, Simulations and Models, Statistics, Logistic to name a few.

Previous Events

San Nicolás, Argentina

Bahía Blanca, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Invited Speakers

  • Alberto Paucar-Cáceres – Universidad de Manchester
  • Bruno Jerardino – Universidad de Santiago de Chile
  • Luiz Autran Monteiro Gomes – IBmec RJ
  • Mischel Carmen Belderrain – ITA
  • Carlos Cruz Corona – Universidad de Granada
  • Marcelo Smrekar – Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
  • Iván Santelices Malfenti – Universidad de Bio-Bio

Venue - Córdoba

Córdoba is an important cultural, economic, educational and turistic city. Founded by Don Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera in July the 6th of 1573. The location in the very center of Argentina at feet of a mountain range. It history is very rich and full of transcendental events for the country like: Creation of the first university, the national science academy, the university reform of 1918 and the social movement that was call "Cordobazo" in 1969.
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Registration Rates

Type Early Bird Standar
Partner $800$900
Non-partner $2200$2500
Undergrad $200$230
Partner Fee $600
Entrance Fee $1200

Graduate students will receive a 50% discount on enrollment. We will need a regular student certificate from your Institution or a letter from your academic advisor that validates you as a student.

Graduate students who are partners will pay an early enrollment of $400 and late $450 and non-members an advance enrollment of $1100 and late enrollment of $250 It is recalled that the active members of SOBRAPO, ICHIO and Eureka are considered as an EPIO partner.

We accept as partner any member of EPIO, SOBRAPO, ICHIO and Eureka with no debts.

In order for an EPIO member to benefit from the value of that category, he must have his social contribution up to date, that is, the one corresponding to the year 2017, must be paid at the time of paying the registration.

  • Social contribution value year 2016 $ 450.00
  • Social contribution value year 2017 $ 600.00

Early registration deadline: 05/03/2017. This payment will entitle the publication of the accepted work, on the EPIO website in the Pre-Anal Congress, if applicable.

The payment until 05/03/2017 entitles the inclusion of the work in the Congress Program in order to be exposed and whenever the authors have made their electronic registration.

The means of payment will be by bank transfer to:

Nro. Cuenta Corriente en $: 191-136-017258/9
CBU: 1910136355013601725896

Foreign participants, whether or not they are exhibitors, due to restrictions of the bank account, the estimated value up to 05/03/2017, at the moment of being present at the event, provided they send to the account flight ticket or other, which proves your intention to participate in it. Otherwise they will have to pay the predicted value until the beginning of the event.



We congregate the national scientific community in Operational Research. Our goal is to reach students, teachers, researchers and industries to promote the usage of Operational Research as tools and facilitate the exchange of experience in the field.

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